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Industrial Cadets

Greenpower is proud to be recognised as a partner at IET Formula 24 and IET Formula 24+ level for the Silver Industrial Cadets programme. Students undertaking the Industrial Cadets Silver Award will need to produce a portfolio to evidence their Greenpower participation and demonstrate that they have met the criteria for the programme. As well as participating in the hands-on Greenpower project students will be required to investigate and increase their careers awareness within Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics and may wish to undertake some work with an employer that may well be their team sponsor.

Greenpower undertakes the on boarding & registration process and also acts as the internal assessor for the Industrial Cadets Silver award. On satisfactory completion of the scheme students will ‘graduate’ at a Greenpower event when they will receive an Industrial Cadets certificate, t-shirt & badge and will gain access to the Industrial Cadets Online Network where careers resources, advice, guidance and careers opportunities are exclusively available to graduated Industrial Cadets.


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