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A day in a different office

Hannah, Tuesday 16th August, 2011

Today Jeremy and Hannah are out of the Greenpower HQ and are based in Chichester at the Unipro offices. Its all hands on deck here sorting out the contents for for the brand new Greenpower website, which will be launched soon. All are waiting in anticipation to see the finished item, which will hopefully make many things (including entering events) much easier for all this space! 

Greenpower Holidays

Emma, Tuesday 16th August, 2011

August may seem like a very quiet time for the Greenpower team, with all the schools on summer holidays and our next event not until September it's a good time for us to take a bit of holiday and recover from our busy summer season!  However, it's not all sunshine and paddling pools, no!

We are working on some very exciting projects at the moment, one of those being this sparkling new website. 

Back to School

Emma, Monday 15th August, 2011

It was back to school this afternoon for Hannah and Emma B as they spent some time with Vaughn Clarke who is one of the trustees, he also happens to be Emma B's old technology teacher! 

Bluebird Update

Emma, Monday 15th August, 2011

Unfortunately the Bluebird team who were hoping to set a new British Land Speed Record in an Electric car this weekend have had to delay their attempt.  As Joe Wales took to the wheel to go for the 1/4 mile and 500 metre records he hit a pothole and damaged the suspension of the car.  Those of you who have very low cars in the F24 and F24+ categories will know just how limited visibility can be, especially if the sun is in your eyes!

The team will be back to try again once they've patched up the car.

Interesting Article

Jeremy, Friday 12th August, 2011

Back at Greenpower's first event at Silverstone on Sunday 1st May we were delighted to welcome renowned F1 journalist Maurice Hamilton and give a guided tour of the event. Today Maurice's excellent report from the event has been published online at Enjoy!

Bluebird Speed Record Attempt

Emma, Thursday 11th August, 2011

We've been very excitedly following the progress of the Bluebird Land speed record attempt for an electric car. 

Don Wales set the current British record 10 years ago at 137mph and is aiming to take that up to 150mph this weekend at Pendine Sands in Carmarthenshire in Wales.  His son will also take to the sands and try to break the records for the 1/4 mile and 500 metre speed records and he's only 19 years old! 

Setting the Regs

Jeremy, Thursday 11th August, 2011

An annual task undertaken by the Greenpower Steering Group at this time of year is the reviewing of the season's regulations and making any amendments to the following year's regulations in light of any incidents or potential incidents that have been noted. We also take into account questions received throughout the year to make sure the regulations are as comprehensive as possible, whilst remaining easy to understand. Stability in regulations is an important factor so we try to make as few changes as possible each year, and to now give advance notice of any major changes.

Gathering of Goblins

Jeremy, Sunday 17th July, 2011

The gathering of Goblins was super

Essex Regional Heat Report

Emma, Monday 11th July, 2011

Ford Dunton Race Report 9th July 2011

Midland Regional Heat Report

Emma, Friday 8th July, 2011

Rockingham Race Report 7th July 2011


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