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The Future of Greenpower Consultation Session - 7th October

Laura, Tuesday 19th September, 2017

The Future of Greenpower


Consultation session: Saturday the 7th of October, 16:00-17:00.

The Guest Area, STEM Marquee, Rockingham Motor Speedway.


Greenpower invite you to join us for our first consultation session, which we hope to grow into an annual event. We would like the adult, or team leader in charge of their team, to come prepared for the session with some thoughts regarding the following;

-          Positive aspects of Greenpower (what you currently enjoy & what works well)

-          Negative aspects of Greenpower (limitations of the project and racing format)

-          Changes you and your team would like to see incorporated (new projects, races, competitions etc.)

We would like you to take this as an opportunity to meet with your teams, prior to this event, and gather their opinions on Greenpower and how we can improve the experience.

The 2018 technical specifications are now available on our website. We will have staff available at the session to answer any technical questions.

The session will be conducted in the following order and will be one hour long:

1.       A Welcome presentation by Jeremy Way CEO.

2.       Questions

3.       Technical questions

4.       Brainstorm of ideas

a.       What works well

b.      What doesn’t work

c.       How can we improve


Please come prepared to the session so that we can maximize its benefit. After the session the chair of the meeting will collate the minute notes and create a summary which will be shared on our blog.