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Hull Street Race 2020 (Invite only) - POSTPONED

3 May 2020

Entry is CLOSED

Hull Street Race Circuit
Hull Street Race 2020 Goblins [IET Formula Goblins Ages 9 - 11]
Hull Street Race 2020 (Race 1 & 2) [IET Formula 24 Ages 11 - 16]
Hull Street Race 2020 (F24+ Round 2) [IET Formula 24+ Ages 16 - 25]

Entries closing date: 8 March 2020

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Regional teams may now enter this event. If you are not a regional team (outside of the Humberside region), please follow the application process below to enter the entry draw for this event.


Application Announcement

The Hull Street Race is now open to a small number of teams outside the Humberside region. Due to the high level of demand we have taken the decision to select entries through a draw. To apply for the draw, you must email by midnight 26th of January, results will be announced on the 28th of January. 

Terms and conditions

This is a kit car only event

There will be a maximum of one entry per car (you cannot compete in both F24 and F24+)

There are the following number of entries available:

·         Goblin: 4

·         F24: 5

·         F24+: 5


A waiting list of 10 spaces per category will be announced in the same draw. If a regional team confirms they will not attend, the entry will follow the succession of the waiting list. The deadline for regional teams to confirm is 6th of March.


Drivers must have driven at a previous Greenpower event prior to attending the Street Race. This can be achieved either from previous years or by attending test events in 2020. To verify participation teams will have to declare which events they have signed on at.


F24 Only- Event clarification

Entry into the F24 category will grant you a 30-minute practice session and one 90-minute race.


F24+ Only- Event clarification

Entry into the F24+ category will grant you a 30-minute practice session and one 60-minute race



Goblins: £40 + VAT

F24: £80 + VAT

F24+: £110 + VAT Season Fee

Payment can be made via debit/credit card on submission of a valid entry (NB: you do not need a PayPal account to make payment) or an invoice can be requested.


Due to an increase in late entries it has become necessary to implement a change to our event entry fees. All teams that enter before the event deadline will continue to be charged at our standard rate. Goblin and F24 Entries made after this deadline will be charged based on the tier system below:

Late entries

20% surcharge

On the day entries

50% surcharge

F24+ Entries made after the event deadline will be charged at a flat rate of £25.

If teams arrive on the day their car will not be scrutineered until payment is received or the agreement of late entry form has been filled in. Please ensure you have the means to pay for your entry when entering an event.


Please note the closing date for entries, any withdrawals must be made before the closing date to avoid being charged the entry fee. All entries present on the entry list past the closing date will still be charged the entry fee regardless of attendance. Entries will be allocated by a first come first served basis.



Can you volunteer at this event?

We actively encourage parent spectators to volunteer at our events. Your help and support is greatly appreciated.

If you would like to volunteer for this event, please contact