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Greenpower categories

The Greenpower challenge – to design and build an electric car to race at Greenpower events – is adapted to suit three age appropriate categories:

Formula Goblin (ages 9 – 11)

Ideal for schools, which can run the project as part of the design and technology/science curriculum. A Goblin Kit Car takes around 15 hours to build and can be dismantled and rebuilt each year with a new team of children who can compete at Greenpower race days.

“We have enjoyed building the car and it was great to compete against other schools’ cars in Washington. As a result of the project we now know more about engineering, working together as a team, listening to others and sharing ideas.” Goblin team members, Cleadon Academy, Sunderland

IET Formula Goblin Guide Download     IET Formula Goblin Regulations Download     IET Formula Goblin - Advice Booklet

Formula 24 (ages 11 – 16)

The Formula 24 challenge gives 11 – 16 year olds the opportunity to build and race either a Greenpower Kit Car or, using supplied motor and batteries only, a car of their own design (to meet Greenpower safety regulations). Aimed at schools but private entries, youth group and club teams are also welcome.

“It was such a fantastic event for the pupils to take part in and something that made me immensely proud as a teacher.” Alan Tilley, Southbrook Special School, Devon

IET Formula 24 Guide Download        IET Formula 24 Regulations Download

Formula 24+ (ages 16 – 25)

Geared towards sixth forms, colleges, universities and apprentices to boost career and educational opportunities in Science, Technology, Maths and Engineering (STEM). Teams design, build and race an electric car at Greenpower events culminating in the Formula 24+ Championship.

“Having my involvement in Greenpower on my CV when I applied for university and placements really helped me stand out. The contacts I made at Greenpower also helped me to arrange my work placement during my degree.” Nikki Jones, Formula 24+ participant

IET Formula 24 + Guide Download        IET Formula 24 + Regulations download

We supply age appropriate Kit Cars, which can be built in school, college or elsewhere and raced at motorsport venues around the country. Alternatively, older participants (Formula 24 and Formula 24+) can design and build their own car to our regulations. The Greenpower challenge harnesses the excitement of motorsport to inspire more than 10,000 participants a year to excel in STEM.

Greenpower is the only STEM enrichment provider to run the same basic concept across such a wide age group, allowing for excellent progression throughout.


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