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How do I start a team?

Information on how to start a team can be found here

How much do kit cars cost?

Kit cars for all categories can be purchased from our online shop.

The cost of a IET Formula Goblin (ages 9-11) kit car is £1,670 excluding VAT and delivery - UK delivery: £50.00

The cost of a IET Formula 24/24+ (ages 11-25) kit car is £3,150 excluding VAT and delivery - UK delivery: £75.00

Prices correct at time of publication.  For latest prices please follow the link above to our online shopping pages.

How much does it cost to enter an event?

For 2022, entry fees cost:

IET Formula Goblin - £46 +VAT (per car, per event)

IET Formula 24 - £92 +VAT (per car, per event)

IET Formula 24+ - £126.50 +VAT (per car, per season)

Where do the events take place?

Our events takes place from Aberdeen all the way down to Newquay, and everywhere in between. 

Our event dates and locations can be found here

FAQ's relating to the 2021 COVID-19 Event Manuals

If we have two cars how many people can we bring to an event?

You are allowed 15 people in total per team (including all adults and students). For two cars you would be able to bring 30 people.

If your students require special assistance, please contact to discuss your requirements.

Parents will be bringing their children but won't be allowed on site. Will there be off-site parking available for them during the event, or will they have to go home and return at the end?

When dropping of students’ parents may come into the venue to the drop off zone. Unfortunately once they have done so they will have to return home and come back at the end of the event.

Will events be streamed live online?

Live streaming is something that we have tried to do for the older category as they just go round the one track, this is more difficult when looking at a goblin event as we will have two event areas. Whilst we will endeavour to set up a live stream, this will not always be possible.

We will have two adults as part of our team. If one of us develops Covid symptoms (or cannot attend for any other reason) can we substitute someone at short notice even though they won't have pre-registered?

Yes, if you need to bring another adult due to someone dropping out they will be allowed onsite as long as they have contacted Olivia Procter-Moore on 0793253050. They MUST complete an online sign on form before attending the event for track and trace.

Will Goblin drivers be permitted to wear their own cycle helmets in order to avoid the need for equipment sharing?

After discussions with Motorsport UK and our internal safety team, we feel that reducing the level of head protection for our participants is not appropriate and we will require all participants to have regulation helmets for events. In order to limit transmission we have mandated that all participants must wear a balaclava when sharing helmets. You can also purchase helmet sanitiser to ensure that any shared helmets are sanitised between each use.

Are we able to put a gazebo up at events?

Where paddocks are not physical structures (Such as at venues like Goodwood), we encourage the use of gazebos so that teams are prepared for wet or overly hot weather. Motorsport UK have stated that any gazebo or awnings used must have the sides open to allow good ventilation.