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How to qualify


No qualification is required to compete at the Gathering of Goblins. We welcome entrants from far and wide to compete against each other in the biggest IET Formula Goblin event of the year.



Teams will be able to automatically qualify for the Finals at each official Greenpower heat. A team’s best result from either race 1 or race 2 will go forward, race distances are not combined. The top 3 scratch-built cars and the top 3 Kit cars that achieved the furthest distance for that event will receive automatic qualification.

Remaining spaces will be determined by the order of the F24 Distance Table. Each car's best mileage achieved at an official Greenpower heat will be included in the table and ranked highest to lowest. If you attend more than one heat during the season, your best mileage will be taken forward to determine your position in the table. Places will be awarded until 50 Scratch Built teams are invited to enter the IET F24 Grand Final and 50 Kit Car teams are invited to enter the Kit Car Grand Final.

The table will update after each heat, your position in the qualification table is likely to change during the season. After the final heat of the season, the final entry list will be confirmed, you will be notified if you have qualified for the event.

To ensure a route to the finals remains for those who cannot compete during the season, 10 teams from either scratch-built or kit-car will be invited as wildcard entries. All F24 teams are eligible for a wildcard entry, if you wish to be considered, send an email to with the subject “Finals Wildcard”.

In the body of the email please state where you are from, your organisation name, your car name and category, along with a short insert about your team that is no longer than 350 words and reason for applying. The deadlines for wildcard applications for the UK is midnight Wednesday 21st September. The successful UK Wildcard entries will be announced on Thursday 22nd September. The deadline for the International Wildcard entries is 25st August. The successful International Wildcard entries will be announced 31st August.


To be eligible for the IET Formula 24+ Championship and gain entry to the Finals a F24+ team must complete at least one (1) lap at two (2) official Greenpower heats. Wild card entries may be given to F24+ teams who have not met these criteria subject to venue capacity.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the event format or qualification system please email