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Become a licensee

You can operate your own Greenpower Education Programme by becoming a licensee. This will enable you to hold Greenpower events in your own country at venues of your choice, with the support of the Greenpower Education Trust and our global partners.

Becoming a licensee is simple and has many advantages. Licensees can use Greenpower branding, Trade Marks and logos, have access to the Greenpower network and events and can tap into our expertise in running successful Greenpower programmes.

As a licensee you will be able to use the established Greenpower model for the educational building and racing of electric cars. We supply licensees with Greenpower Kit Cars and parts at discounted rates and provide technical support if required.

Once you have signed the license agreement we will supply you with a template of our website to allow you to replicate its style and look. We also provide guidance on operating and promoting the Greenpower Education Programme. To ensure safety standards are met your staff and representatives will be invited to attend our Car Scrutiny Instruction Course free of charge.

Licensees can:

  • use copies or translations of race regulations
  • use the Greenpower website template, logos and Trade Marks
  • receive free training for employees or representatives
  • enter teams in the Greenpower International Final
  • receive discounts on our Kit Cars and parts
  • use Siemens Solid Edge software (provided free of charge by Siemens, our global technology partner)

Greenpower Education Trust offers a winning formula to inspire young people to excel in Science, Technology, Maths and Engineering in an increasingly competitive global market. The USA, Benelux, and Iberia all have Greenpower licensees, running their own programmes and often competing in our International Final.

To become a licensee and start your own Greenpower Education Programme 

email: or telephone +44(0)1243 552 305

For more information see international teams and licensees.