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Centre of Excellence: Baysgarth School, North Lincolnshire

15 March 2022

Author: The Greenpower Team

Centre of Excellence: Baysgarth School, North Lincolnshire


In a reasonably short time, Baysgarth School in North Lincolnshire has made a significant impact on the Greenpower landscape. We are therefore delighted to announce its addition as one of our centres of excellence.

Baysgarth first became involved in the project in the early months of 2019, establishing an initial goal of competing at our first ever street race in Hull. Months of dedication and hard work from both the staff and pupils paid off, with the school not only competing at the event, but demonstrating impressive speed and endurance. The team went on to compete at numerous events that year, including a trip to the Internationals Finals at Silverstone, an experience the students described as “phenomenal”.

Since its debut season, Baygarth School has continued to thrive, and now boasts an impressive line-up of vehicles: four F24’s and two Goblins. This has led to the entire school becoming heavily invested in the project, with imagery of the Greenpower cars dominating the corridor displays.

The school has also integrated the building of the F24 cars into its Year Nine engineering curriculum, allowing everyone the opportunity to get involved in the process of designing, building and racing the electric vehicle. Activities that take place within this curriculum include pit stop challenges, reverse engineering sessions and electronic, friction and speed training kits.

Having seen the presence of the project in the school grow, Andrew Browne of Baysgarth’s DT department said: “On the back of our first season we were keen to find a way to put Greenpower into the curriculum. The range of skills and knowledge beyond the DT curriculum makes it an effective project to engage pupils. We have cross referenced the Engineering specification delivered at KS4 in order for the collaborative project to support independent skills and knowledge throughout Y10 and 11. In addition we link the project to employability skills. At Baysgarth we do not see Greenpower as a bolt on to our curriculum, but a project that sits at the heart of it, to give our pupils experiences that can open opportunities in their future.”

Vaughan Curnow, Greenpower Project Manager, has worked closely with the school throughout its Greenpower journey. He said: “It was great meeting up again after so long, I was absolutely bowled over with not only the progress and engagement with the Greenpower project, but more the exemplar approach the school has made in ensuring so much is embedded within the syllabus.”

Now an official Greenpower Centre of Excellence for North Lincolnshire, we are excited to see what Baysgarth School achieve not only in supporting other schools, but within future race events over the coming years.