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Greenpower and PTI teacher CPD project announced

22 January 2020

Author: The Greenpower Team

In 2020 Greenpower will be looking at how to engage with our teachers and team leaders in a different way, to ensure they are gaining valuable skills as well as our students to help us continue to grow and expand the project.

With this in mind we have begun a pilot for a continuous professional development (CPD) project set to start in Cornwall in March 2020. This will be open to primary schools with an existing goblin kit car and also any teachers who have previously been involved in a Greenpower Goblin project. Partnering with one of the leading training bodies for teachers, the PTI, we aim to create materials to enhance the teacher experience for our team leaders during the build and beyond.

PTI is a national charity committed to the idea that passionate, expert teachers are the key to making education excellent. The PTI provides subject-focused CPD opportunities which combine the latest academic thinking and research with tried and tested subject pedagogy and real-life practice. Our aim is to ensure all children, regardless of background or ability, have access to a challenging and enriching educational experience. 

The aim of the day will be to:  

·         Empower schools to strengthen subject provision. Giving primary teachers the tools to confidently address “The Deep Dive” aspect of Ofsted inspections when it comes to primary science.  

·         Encourage teachers to introduce pupils, regardless of their background or ability, to challenging and enriching materials and activities.

·         Enrich and develop teachers' subject impact through discussion and the sharing of best practice.

·         Inspire teachers to consider how to develop engagement, enjoyment, curiosity and intellectual independence within and beyond the curriculum.

Our end goal is to host training days across all Greenpower communities. The current project is set to last for two years, and is fully funded by Cummins UK, allowing us to offer this training at no cost to our team leaders.

The pilot day will give us the time to enhance and perfect the training offered to our team leaders. We will be working closely with the PTI to analyse and understand the outcomes from the project and how they add value to the current project offering.

Outline of the day

The day will run from 9am to 5pm with lunch and refreshments provided. The event is free to attend for one team leader per organisation. There are limited spaces and these will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

The morning session will be focused on an inspirational speaker by one of the PTIs highly regarded Ambassadors. The pilot day will see Bruce Robinson, Founder of “Wonder works”, speak about his experience as a physics teacher and how to enhance teaching curriculum. 

This will then be followed by a set of Greenpower focused speakers and workshops to see how the project works in more depth.

The final session will be action planning based around what elements of the curriculum can be explored using the Greenpower project.  


If you would like to come along, please follow the link to the PTI event page here.

The Greenpower team