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Greenpower and Siemens announce Sustainability Award

4 June 2021

Author: The Greenpower Team

Greenpower Education Trust and its long-term partner, Siemens PLC, are delighted to announce a brand-new competition that tasks young people with putting the United Nations’ Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) into practice.

The Siemens Sustainability Award will encourage participants in the Greenpower design-build-race a car challenge to choose from five of the 17 UN SDGs to inspire more sustainable practices within their Greenpower project. Entrants can choose to focus on specific elements - such as the build materials for their cars, the power supply, reducing consumption and waste on event days, marketing and sponsorship, or project longevity - or their Greenpower activities as a whole.

The competition is open to all UK Greenpower participants aged 11-16 and closes on 1 October 2021. The winning entry will win a visit for 15 students to visit a SEA LIFE UK centre of their choosing to learn more about sustainability in oceans, a prize kindly donated by Merlin Entertainments.

The five selected United Nations Sustainability Development Goals are:

  • Goal 7: Affordable and Clean Energy,
  • Goal 9: Innovation, Industry and Infrastructure,
  • Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities,
  • Goal 12: Responsible Consumption and Production and
  • Goal 13: Climate Action.

These are also the five main focus goals of Siemens PLC, forming part of the company’s strategy for long-term growth and profitability.

The Greenpowerdesign-build-race a car challenge is a unique, hands-on initiative that aims to spark an interest in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) in young people aged 9-25-years-old, with motorsport acting as the exciting hook.

The Greenpower challenge is split into three categories:IETFormula Goblins, aimed at primary school pupils who compete in drag and slalom events;IETFormula 24 (F24)in which students and youth groups with members aged 11-16 participate; andIETFormula 24+, which targets sixth forms, colleges, universities and apprenticesaged 16-25.

Paul van Veggel, CEO of Greenpower Education Trust, said: “We’re excited to launch this brand-new award to our Greenpower participants, kindly sponsored by our long-term partner Siemens and with an exciting prize donated by Merlin Entertainments. The Greenpower challenge is a journey of discovery into the expansive world of STEM, and the Siemens Sustainability Award will further enhance this by asking our participants to consider and develop sustainable practices while realising the power of their own influence. We’d like to thank Siemens and Merlin Entertainments for their support with this award, and wish the entrants the best of luck!”

Olivia Whitlam, Head Of Sustainability, Siemens PLC, said: “Practicing sustainability is in the interest of not just our own generation, but future generations too. At Siemens, we have incorporated the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals into our own organisation as part of our strategy for long-term growth and profitability, and now we are tasking Greenpower participants to find ways in which they can bring change into their own projects. We all know we have to take action to protect our planet, and Greenpower can inspire young people to fall in love with engineering, and how it can provide solutions to some of the world’s greatest challenges.”

Joanne Channon, Senior Education Manager, Merlin Entertainments Attractions, said: “We are proud to support this brilliant initiative. The Siemens Sustainability Award will help young people to consider the ways in which they can introduce more sustainability into their own lives. It is incredibly important to instil this mindset at an early age, and for us all to realise the impact the simplest of changes can have on our lives and our environment. We hope the winning entry enjoys the visit to a SEA LIFE centre of their choosing, where they will discover ways in which sustainability in oceans is being nurtured.”