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Greenpower Education Trust welcomes Greenpower Iberia as official licensee

4 August 2020

In an exciting strengthening of Greenpower’s international reach, we are pleased to welcome Greenpower Iberia as our newest licensee.

Launched by the Kid’s Kitcar Education Association, Greenpower Iberia has been our official partner in Spain and Portugal since 2016. The design-build-race challenge resonated strongly with local schools in the Basque region which now organise events on their own premises, as well as negotiating access for urban race events with their respective councils. In the Cartagena region, the initiative has been supported financially by the local university, which purchased nine kit cars for secondary schools and technical colleges. 

Greenpower Iberia now has over 50 teams across Spain, including Valencia, Asturias, Catalunya, Valladolid and Madrid. In Portugal, the PSEM team of Instituto Superior Tecnico in Lisbon has enjoyed huge success since its first foray with the Greenpower challenge in 2013 and recently started a second team.

Our international network boasts a growing number of teams participating in our events in countries including the USA, China, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Poland, as well as Spain and Portugal.

CEO of Greenpower, Paul van Veggel, said: “We’re thrilled to confirm Greenpower Iberia as our official licensee in Spain and Portugal. Despite the difficult moment in time that affects us all, Greenpower continues to grow. Our mission to inspire more young people into STEM is critically important in this current climate and it speaks volumes that our partners and licensees are continuing – and expanding – their commitment to this.”  

Vice-Chair of Greenpower Iberia, Paul Riley expressed how it has been a very interesting learning process for us all, adapting the implementation of the Greenpower activities to different regions of Iberia, each with their own barriers.  The 2019 season marked a big step forward for all participating teams with official race circuits, such as that of Navarra, incorporating Greenpower events into their annual race calendars.  Interest is been shown in many new regions of Iberia with the implementation being far easier with experience from such a diverse range of real case scenarios behind us, all with the evidence of the motivation it produces, not just students, but also teachers and parents.