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Greenpower Fundraising Challenge 2023-24

23 October 2023

Author: The Greenpower Team

Firstly, well done to all the teams, volunteers, ambassadors, and supporters for an amazing 2023 season! Whilst we plan and get ready for the next season, we thought it would be an idea to get fundraising, and also do something that hopefully everyone could get involved in, in some form or another. Therefore, Greenpower are going to be undertaking a fundraising activity for the charity and we would love to involve your team too. By taking part we hope that it will provide you with an opportunity to raise much needed funds for your team for next season and provide a little competition too in the off season

The challenge if you choose to accept it is as follows:

At the last race of the Greenpower International Finals, the accumulated mileage was 3278.4 miles (5276.1 km), and the accumulated distance for all the sessions was 7276.8 miles (11710.9 km).

Challenge number one is that your team cover the distance of the accumulated miles from the last race of finals which is approximately 3278.4 miles between October 23rd 2023 and March 23rd 2024.

The subsequent challenge if you manage to reach 3278.4 miles would be for your team to cover the accumulated distance from all the races at the finals which would be 7276.8 miles between October 23rd 2023 and March 23rd 2024.

It will be great to see who can reach the 3278.4 mile target first, and then who can reach the biggest distance before 23rd March 2024.

The rules of the challenge are that you can only use the following methods to cover the mileage – walking, hiking, running, cycling (including E-bikes), handcycle, kayaking, canoeing, rowing, wheelchair, kick scootering, roller skating, skateboarding, and swimming. Each team should have no more than 10 people who are undertaking the challenge, and it needs to be monitored via creating a challenge on the Strava App (if there is another way to do a similar challenge that’s easier for you, please use that method and let us know so we can share with others), invite all your team mates who also have to create a Strava account, and follow the creator of the group. You can then create a JustGiving page for your team and create a fundraising campaign. We would ask that you tag Greenpower in posts on Instagram and LinkedIn and then we can celebrate with you. Once you’ve reached your distance target, send a screen shot of the accumulated team challenge, and we’ll give you a shout it, it will also be great to hear how much money you raise.

Hopefully through the challenge you’ll be able to raise funds to help the costs for your team, get super fit, and have a little fun.

The Greenpower team will also be undertaking the challenge to raise much needed funding for the charity… bring on the competition!

We look forward to hearing how it goes.