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Greenpower Product Launch

21 February 2018

Author: Steve Newman

eChook Nano Data Logger & Telemetry Kit

Greenpower is pleased to announce the launch of the eChook Nano, a kit of parts that build into a data & telemetry logging device targeted specifically at use on cars competing in the Greenpower racing challenge.  Using Arduino and Android technology the eChook Nano adds electronics and software development to the learning opportunities provided by Greenpower.

While so many data logging options are black boxes, the eChook nano uses simple circuits that are covered in GCSE and A Level electronics curriculums, and well commented Arduino code to make the system as understandable as possible.

There are three elements to the eChook;

  • hardware and sensors on the car,
  • eChook Companion Android app (free to download), receives the data over bluetooth, logs it and optionally uploads it to the cloud for viewing in near real time from anywhere with an internet connection
  • website for viewing live data.

The eChook Nano is a self-assembly kit of parts containing:

  • eChook nano PCB
  • Arduino Compatible microcontroller
  • All components required to build the board
  • A selection of sensors

The sensors included in the kit allow logging of:

Motor RPM*
Wheel RPM/Speed*
Temperature  x 2
Throttle input
Brake input (on or off)

For more information or to purchase eChook Nano please visit our shop