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Greenpower returns to Castle Combe

8 September 2020

Author: The Greenpower Team

The Greenpower team is eagerly anticipating our return to events, and are very pleased that Castle Combe circuit will be the first location we will descend on in 2020.

Castle Combe is a popular annual heat among the Greenpower team and participants alike. Numerous teams from across the UK have competed at the track in a bid to qualify for that season’s Greenpower finals.

Our CEO Paul van Veggel said: “Castle Combe was my first event as CEO in 2018, and I know the circuit holds an equally special place in the memories of many of our participants. When analysing potential locations for our 2020 events, it was clear that we would be able to host an event at Castle Combe with the facilities to implement our new COVID-19 measures, while ensuring everyone has an enjoyable experience.”

On 13 September, we are due to welcome 30 F24 and 10 F24+ teams in the first of three planned events for 2020. While it may not be business as usual, teams will get plenty of track time with their cars in two practice sessions and four 20-minute races on the day’s schedule.

Our new measures have been created in line with guidance from Motorsport UK and the Government to highlight the safety of everyone attending. Unfortunately, we will be unable to have spectators as we endeavour to keep the number of people on site at a minimum.

Paul said: “We’re really excited to see our teams back on track again. The events we are able to hold this year will give us a momentum that we will carry forward into 2021, where we are eyeing a return to a full programme for our Goblins, F24, and F24+ teams. After a lengthy break, we hope all our participants will enjoy getting back to their Greenpower activities, and will continue to be inspired into STEM through motorsport.”