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Greenpower teacher shortlisted for Tes Schools Award

1 June 2022

Author: The Greenpower Team

Jon Dean, the Head of STEM at Truro High School for Girls, has been given the incredible honour of being shortlisted for Subject Leader of the Year at the Tes School Awards 2022.

In addition to his teaching role, Jon has headed the school’s highly successful Greenpower project for over a decade and has been instrumental in inspiring a huge number of female students to get involved in engineering.

The recognition from the Tes Schools Award panel for Jon’s work and dedication is well-deserved, and we are very proud to have him as a key figure in the Greenpower family.

We sat down with Jon following the announcement of the shortlisting to get his thoughts on the achievement.

How does it feel to be nominated for a Tes School Award?

It feels quite strange, but I am humbled to be recognised for the opportunities I try to give to my students so that they can develop their experience and confidence.

What part has Greenpower played in your teaching career?

I have been involved in Greenpower for about 10 years and have steadily built up a strong team of girls, hence why we now run a total of five cars. We have 21 girls coming to events this year already, as well as an additional four who joined last week.

Greenpower is an excellent opportunity for students to explore STEM activities and self-confidence. They learn to think about their ideas and be resilient. Being shortlisted for this award is an honour, but knowing that the girls have developed an interest in all aspects of STEM is also very rewarding.

Why do you think it is important to engage young women in STEM?

Young women bring many good qualities to STEM which are much needed. Our girls work well together, they have good communication skills and have great ideas based on good knowledge of technology and engineering ideas.

How has the school supported you in delivering the Greenpower project?

The school have been very supportive at all levels with encouragement and financial support when needed. They have allowed me to build contacts and support events for developing our projects and cars further.

The Tes Schools Awards 2022 take place on Friday 17th June.