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HMS Excellent 2018 Blog

14 March 2018

Author: Funtington Primary Goblin Club

On 10th March 2018, all the people in Goblin Club went to the Naval base HMS Excellent.  It was the first Formula Goblin event of the season and 23 cars from all over the area attended to compete.  The rain was bad but that didn’t stop us.

“I hadn’t been to HMS Excellent before…it was amazing” Thomas

After we had handed in our portfolio and received our numbers, we headed over to the drivers’ briefing for the drag and slalom. Then we walked the course and got ready to drive. We decided to do all six drags first and then do the six slaloms. Everyone did a good job driving as well as pushing and we were really proud of our performance.

Once we had eaten our lunch, it was time for the Parade.

“I really liked the Parade because I liked the way Greenpower asked questions about the car and our Goblin club” Amber

Then we had our second drivers’ briefing for the sprint. The sprint is the race where you get to compete against other cars at the same time. We did really well and managed to get through to the final.

“I was picked to drive in the final.  It was really exciting and we managed to claim second place!” Hazel

“The sprint was very enjoyable to watch.  I liked it because we had to work as a team and cheer our team members on” Amber

“My favourite race was the Sprint because it’s fun to race in a knockout against other cars” Thomas

Finally it was time for the prize-giving. The competition was tough. Everybody got a participation award.  We didn’t get a trophy for our Slaloms but we came first in Drag and came second in the Sprint.

“We all had an amazing experience and we can’t wait for our next race” Hazel

“We tried hard in every race and worked well together as a team” Sam


By Amber, Hazel, Henry, Sam & Thomas

HMS%20Funtington%20on%20parade.jpg Wet%20and%20muddy%20after%20Sprint%20final.jpg