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An interview with Sophie Barwick, second year general engineering student at the University of Sheffield

31 March 2020

Author: The Greenpower Team


How long were you involved in the Greenpower challenge and are you still? 

I was part of CAUC and the Greenpower challenge for 6 years while at secondary school. Unfortunately, I had to leave the team when I went to university to study engineering but I still try to go back and support them when I can. 

How did you find out about the Greenpower Challenge? 

I was introduced to the Greenpower challenge when I was asked to join CAUC by my engineering teacher (Kevin Gornall) at Sandbach High School. 

How did the Greenpower Challenge influence/help you in your career? 

The Greenpower challenge gave me my first hands on experience of engineering in practice. It also introduced engineering to me as a potential career. From here I began to look into engineering further and gained lots of experience and contacts through the competition. The skills I gained were invaluable to my application to study engineering at university, and I am sure will be just as useful in my future career, hopefully, within the engineering sector. 

What does the Greenpower challenge mean to you? 

Without the Greenpower challenge I would never have considered studying for an engineering degree at university. As well as obtaining many practical skills and furthering my interdisciplinary knowledge, it also improved my team working abilities and I made many great friends. 

What was the best thing about being involved in the Greenpower challenge? 

The best thing about being involved with Greenpower was the camaraderie within the team and between teams on the race days. Although my personal highlight was driving across the finish line as International Champions in 2016, it would not have been possible without the whole team working tirelessly throughout the year and all the support we were given by teachers, volunteers, sponsors and industry professionals. 

Why should people get involved in the Greenpower challenge? 

The Greenpower challenge is a great first step into engineering, where you are given the chance to have fun, whilst gaining hands on experience, with real world challenges. It is also a great way of making new friends and meeting like-minded people, in a competitive but welcoming environment.