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Introducing Paul van Veggel, Greenpower's new CEO.

26 September 2018

Author: The Greenpower Team

We are delighted to formally announce that our new CEO, Paul van Veggel, has joined the team. This is a very exciting time for all involved with Greenpower, and to help you gain a better insight into his background and ideas for the future we have prepared a brief Q&A.

What inspired you to join Greenpower?

I have spent the last 20 or so years as an engineer and manager in the Formula 1 motorsport industry and I was looking for something to use the knowledge and skills I’ve acquired to make a real difference. I couldn’t have found a more worthwhile fit than Greenpower, inspiring young people to excel and have a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths is a cause that I’ve always been very passionate about.

What did you do before Greenpower?

I started in industrial Research and Development and then worked in various Formula 1 teams including British American Racing, Jaguar Racing and Red Bull Racing. I had a few roles, but they have mostly centred around technical and operational management, leading teams of varied specialists in fields such as aerodynamics, whist running facilities and R&D projects at the same time. In short, a little bit of everything and everything that comprises Greenpower.

What are you most looking forward to?

That’s a simple answer, making a difference to the direction that students of all ages take. As an engineer, contributing to closing the skills gap and seeing students undertake truly interesting projects, gaining valuable life skills and forging technical careers is really rewarding. Of course, they have great fun too especially at the events which I’m really looking forward to being a part of.

Where do you see Greenpower going?

In 2019 we will be celebrating our 20th year, with more teams entering and more events year on year so the answer is, upwards!

If you have any questions of your own please come to our future of Greenpower session on Friday 5th October at our International Finals.