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Siemens Project Kick off in Manchester

5 February 2018

Author: Olivia Procter-Moore

We had a brilliant day at the Siemens Electrum Site in Manchester last week, where we saw two new teams pick up their F24 kits thanks to the Siemens Project.

Burnage Academy and UTC Bolton both have dedicated STEM learning initiatives at their schools and cannot wait to get involved. Through the Siemens grant, the schools are eligible for 50% of the cost of an F24 kit car, £500 Equipment grant, £500 Kit car final attendance grant and expert help from Siemens Engineers.

The teams had a facility tour, took part in a wheel change challenge (we won’t say who won) and started to think about how their cars could win at their regional heats (with some great advice from Engineer Alex Pettener). Even the teachers had a go at the wheel change challenge, but couldn’t beat the students time.

Steve Bentley, Head of Technology & Engineering Faculty:

 “This is a wonderful opportunity for our boys and a great resource for our school. Receiving the bursary from Siemens means that we can take part in the Greenpower Challenge and give the boys some real-life experience of engineering. It will be a really exciting project with a practical outcome and we can’t wait to get started.”

Chris Beard Assistant Principal:

“As an inclusive, non-selective school, we pride ourselves in giving everyone a chance and receiving the Siemens Bursary means we can take part in the Greenpower Challenge and do just that. We are all really excited and the children cannot wait to start building the car.

The Challenge will enable us to show the children some of the real opportunities available whilst also giving them invaluable hands-on experience. Working with industry partners will help us to deliver our extended curriculum of project-based learning.”

We look forward to seeing their Greenpower journey and wish them the best of luck for this coming season.