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A Snapshot of 2019

20 December 2018

Author: The Greenpower Team

Getting ready for a big year!

Gearing up to another big year for Greenpower, we are delighted to confirm we have over 40 events taking place in the New Year with more to be confirmed. Events that have been confirmed can be found via our events page.

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Please note the F24+ round numbers will not be confirmed until all dates that have been finalised so keep an eye out for these! 

Car numbers for the new season have been allocated, you can check them through the My Cars tab of your profile.

At the conclusion of another tremendous year for Greenpower we would like to thank everyone that continues to make the programme possible; students, teachers, volunteers, supporters, sponsors, venues, and partners. Finally, a big thanks to our Global and National partners; Siemens, IET, Ford, and BMWi.

2018 saw a year of growth, and change for Greenpower. We had over 1000 entries over 600 teams across 38 events, with thousands of young people being inspired to excel in STEM, and developing their skills.

We welcomed CEO Paul to the team as Jeremy departed after over 15 years involvement. We had over 100 teams racing at the Goodwood heat in June. We endured extreme conditions, with roasting summer events, and a bleak October finals weekend. We welcomed Ford on board as a national partner. We had the final finals for Clerk of the Course Josh. We made the national news, twice, appearing on BBC Breakfast and Newsround. We said goodbye to the much loved Rockingham. After all that we started preparing for our 20th anniversary year. 

2019 is sure to be an exciting year for everyone involved in Greenpower. In April we will hold a street race in Hull, the UK’s first ever electric closed road race. Our 1000th F24 Kit Car chassis will roll off the production line. Silverstone will hold the International Finals for the first time, and that’s only a taster of what we’re planning.

Enjoy the festive season, see you in the new year ready for an electrifying 2019!

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