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Grant Funding

From time to time we have grant funding available in specific areas to help teams to engage in the Greenpower challenge. Please keep checking back to find out if there is any funding available in your area.

Funding available now:

NOTE: Grant applications must be approved prior to ordering a car kit. Grant applications submitted after placing an order will be rejected. 

Cubico Sustainable Investments Limited

Greenpower Education Trust has been awarded funding from Cubico Sustainable Investments Limited for a total amount of £11,462.50 GBP.

The proposed programme consists of a grant scheme to assist 7 school teams located in the UK (preferably East London and female identified composition) purchasing Formula 24 kit cars, setting up new teams and participating in the various Greenpower challenges scheduled for the coming months.

The funding is only for Formula 24, and each team is eligible for 50% funding for one kit car only. School teams will be invoiced once the goods have been despatched for the remaining balance.

The grants will be going through the Greenpower Grant Committee process provided. Cubico will be consulted and involved in the selection process to the extent possible.

Main criteria for the Grant Committee to be looking for when reviewing applications for the fund are:

  • Geographic stated above
  • Female identified teams
  • Above average FSM% (16% average)

Please complete the following form to apply for this grant: Cubico Grant Application Form