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Siemens Solid Edge Software

Greenpower’s Global Technology Partner Siemens provides Solid Edge engineering and design software to participants at no cost. Schools and students can take advantage of being able to use this industry leading software for free. Siemens has created a growing range of resources for Greenpower including:

  • STEM curriculum
  • Tutorials
  • An online assembly guide and Greenpower Challenge forum
  • CAD model of Formula 24 Kit Car
  • An interactive viewer through which you can manipulate a model of the Goblin Kit Car
  • Interactive instruction manuals for both Kit Cars

Siemens is the Global Technology Partner for Greenpower and as part of their comprehensive academic programme have created a wide and growing range of resources for Greenpower including STEM curriculum, tutorials, a fully detailed CAD model of the Formula 24 kit car, and an online assembly guide for the kit car. These resources can be found on their dedicated Greenpower page.

As part of their academic programme Siemens provide their industry-leading engineering and design software,  Solid Edge, to students and Secondary Schools (including UTCs) at no cost. Siemens Solid Edge Student Edition is available free to all students, regardless of age and provides the student with a perpetual license. To obtain the software students should register here.

Siemens Solid Edge High School Edition is available free to all Secondary Schools and UTCs providing the school with a perpetual site license allowing the school to install and use Solid Edge on as many computers as required. To obtain the software Teachers or school officials should register here.

Majenta PLM have put together a number of Solid Edge training videos:

Getting Started with Solid Edge Part Design

Getting started with Solid Edge Generative Design

Getting started with Solid Edge Assemblies

Getting started with Solid Edge Drafting

Preparing the next generation of engineers for the digital experience

Computer with Solid Edge Software

F24 Solid edge model

Goblin Solid Edge model

Goblin Solid Edge model

F24 split chassis