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International Teams and Licensees

International teams and licensees

Greenpower opens doors to international career and study opportunities in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. We help discover the talent of the future and enable young people to develop a skillset in global demand.

Participation provides an international platform for publicity, networking and careers. More than 11,000 students around the world take part each year, from primary school age through to university. Greenpower provides opportunities for students and schools to forge links with employers, who help nurture tomorrow’s talent.

The USA, Benelux, and Iberia all have licensees operating successful programmes. Other countries have their own teams and there is growing interest from across the globe. The annual International Final for the Formula 24 and 24+ categories has spaces reserved on the grid for an increasing number of international teams. Currently the International Final takes place each October. 








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Portuguese Team


Portuguese team

PSEM Case Study

Projecto de Sustentabilidade Energética Móvel (PSEM)

With all the nowadays problems in managing natural resources, an electric car project is something extremely interesting and useful in a near future. Because of this reason, PSEM takes part in Greenpower. The project allows us to put into practice all we learned in classes. Furthermore, we have the freedom of creating and building the car as a team. Greenpower spirit is incredible! We get to know people from all over the world and learn with them new techniques and different ways of solving all the challenges associated with an electric car. It’s always interesting and didactic to see the problems from other people’s perspective.

“Being a part of Greenpower is a great experience. I think driving is the best part. The competition is a lot of fun and the speed is awesome.” Catarina, driver

“It’s an incredible competition. There are young engineers that amaze us with their knowledge, and the teams in F24+ and Corporate Challenge are fantastic. Coming to Greenpower was a great decision. It’s an amazing place to grow as engineers and do something we love.” Gonçalo, Ex-Team Leader