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The basis of the Greenpower challenge across four distinct age groups is the same – to design, build and race a single seat race car.

This starts with 9-11 year olds who build the IET Formula Goblin car from a supplied kit and then create their own bodywork to complete the car. The cars and their drivers are then put through a series of tests at one of our regional events with prizes awarded to top cars.

The next stage is IET Formula 24, the secondary school class, although also competed in by youth groups, Pupil Referral Units and Young Engineers clubs. The challenge here is to build a car within Greenpower’s safety regulations to compete in a 90 minute race, aiming to be the car that completes the furthest distance within that time on just one set of batteries.

There is a further challenge, IET Formula 24+, for sixth forms, apprentices, and universities. The IET Formula 24+ race uses the same basic concept of IET Formula 24 but races for shorter times, allowing for faster speeds.

car at side of track

group with car

girls working on car

Kit car

We sell two different Kit Cars; the Goblin and the Formula 24 Kit Car. Each kit comes with everything required to build a regulation compliant car, with the exception of bodywork. You even get free access to Siemens industry-leading CAD software, Solid Edge, to help you with the bodywork design. For more information, or to purchase a Kit Car contact:

Kit car

AQA & Industrial Cadets Awards

AQA is working in association with Greenpower to recognise and record the achievements of learners that have taken part in the challenge.

12 students from each team taking part in Project Blyth will receive free entry to one of the AQA Greenpower Award units; design, systems or manufacture. Successful students will receive a formal certificate from AQA at the end of the project, perfect for including in records of achievement.

Greenpower is recognised as a partner for the Silver Industrial Cadets programme, and 12 students from each team will undertake a Silver Award free of charge.

As well as participating in the hands-on Greenpower project, students will be required to investigate and increase their careers awareness within Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics through working with your linked employer.

On satisfactory completion of the scheme students will ‘graduate’ at the event in the summer of 2017 when they will receive an Industrial Cadets certificate, t-shirt and badge and will gain access to the Industrial Cadets Online Network where careers resources, advice, guidance and careers opportunities are exclusively available to graduated Industrial Cadets.

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If you are a teacher or parent and would like to enter a team to take part in Project Blyth please sign up and create an account by following the link below.

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Siemens Solid Edge Software

Greenpower’s Global Technology Partner Siemens provides Solid Edge engineering and design software to participants at no cost. Schools and students can take advantage of being able to use this industry leading software for free. Siemens has created a growing range of resources for Greenpower including:

  • STEM curriculum
  • Tutorials
  • An online assembly guide and Greenpower Challenge forum
  • CAD model of Formula 24 Kit Car
  • An interactive viewer through which you can manipulate a model of the Goblin Kit Car
  • Interactive instruction manuals for both Kit Cars


Siemens is the Global Technology Partner for Greenpower and as part of their comprehensive academic programme have created a wide and growing range of resources for Greenpower including STEM curriculum, tutorials, a fully detailed CAD model of the Formula 24 kit car, and an online assembly guide for the kit car. These resources can be found on their dedicated Greenpower page.

Access free learning materials in the Siemens Learning Center. Here, you will find a comprehensive library of self-paced Solid Edge learning, covering everything from basic techniques, such as sketching, to advanced topics, such as sheet metal and generative design. There is even a dedicated Greenpower Learning Path for Greenpower teams to learn how to design a Greenpower F24 kit car using Solid Edge!


As part of their academic programme Siemens provide their industry-leading engineering and design software, Solid Edge, to students and Secondary Schools (including UTCs) at no cost. Siemens Solid Edge Student Edition is available free to all students, regardless of age and provides the student with a perpetual license. To obtain the software students should register here.

Siemens Solid Edge High School Edition is available free to all Secondary Schools and UTCs providing the school with a perpetual site license allowing the school to install and use Solid Edge on as many computers as required. To obtain the software Teachers or school officials should register here.


Solid Edge Certification provides you with an industry recognized credential that demonstrates proficiency with Solid Edge software and distinguishes you within the Solid Edge design community. Three levels of Solid Edge certification are offered: Mechanical Associate, Mechanical Professional, Mechanical Expert.

Get the Siemens Solid Edge Certification here 

Join the Greenpower Solid Edge Community

Project Blyth events

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If you would like to take part in Project Blyth, either as a school or a volunteer, or to find out more information, please contact Project Co-ordinator - Vaughan Curnow.