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Greenpower education trust

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We inspire young people around the world to excel in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths through a unique challenge: to design, build and race an electric car.

Greenpower Education Trust is a UK based charity with an outstanding track record in kick starting careers in engineering. We help unlock potential and spark enthusiasm for Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) through the excitement of motorsport.

“Projects like this are invaluable to companies such as Siemens, helping us to reach tomorrow’s talent by engaging young people in engineering and science from an early age.” Juergen Maier, Former Chief Executive Siemens plc, @Juergen_Maier     

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The Greenpower challenge – to design and build an electric car to race at Greenpower events – is adapted to suit three age appropriate categories:

Formula Goblin (ages 9 - 11)

Formula 24 (ages 11 - 16)

Formula 24+ (ages 16 - 25)

We supply age appropriate Kit Cars, which can be built in school, college or elsewhere and raced at motorsport venues around the country. Alternatively, older participants can design and build their own car to our regulations. The Greenpower challenge harnesses the excitement of motorsport to inspire more than 10,000 participants a year to excel in STEM.

Greenpower is the only STEM enrichment provider to run the same basic concept across such a wide age group, allowing for excellent progression throughout.

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Lotus Heat in collaboration with Dudgeon offshore wind farm 2019


International Greenpower

Licensees are now operating successful programmes in the USA, Benelux and Iberia. Other countries have their own teams and there is growing interest from across the globe. The annual International Final for the Formula 24 and 24+ categories has spaces reserved on the grid for an increasing number of international teams. The International Final currently takes place at Goodwood Motor Circuit in the UK each October.

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Dave Cullimore F24+ car

Greenpower an Extraordinary Journey