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Kusuma Trust grant to bring electric racing to London

9 March 2021

Author: The Greenpower Team

Young people will have a unique opportunity to design, build and race their own electric cars in Central London next year thanks to a grant issued to us by the Kusuma Trust.


The funds will allow us to engage more primary and secondary aged children in STEM through the Greenpower challenge, which for over 20 years has opened career opportunities for aspiring engineers and scientists.


The Greenpower challenge tasks young people aged 9 to 25 with designing, building and racing their own electric race cars. Participants need to get to grips with practical skills as well as problem solving, navigating adversity, and learning to work as a team in different situations. The hands-on and unique programme aims to spark an interest in STEM in young people at important junctures in their lives where they start to make decisions about their studies and careers.


The partnership with Kusuma Trust will focus on engaging young people across London. Kusuma Trust will offer 50% supported grants and race entries for six Goblin teams, the primary school category of the challenge, and six F24 teams, aimed at children aged 11-16.


To drive involvement in its Goblin category, which is aimed at 9 to 11-year-olds, the funds will also be used to realise the first-ever Greenpower race in Central London, set to take place in the summer months of 2022. This event will give Greenpower challenge competitors the opportunity to see all their hard work pay off, get their car out on a track, and race against other like-minded young people. Hosting an event in the city will be highly beneficial for the participating schools and clubs from the area, as it will provide a lower cost alternative to travelling to an event outside of London.

Encouraging children into STEM careers through a hands-on initiative is vital in creating the next generation of engineers. Through the help of the Kusuma Trust, we will be able to expand its reach in the nation's capital and help more young people improve their maths and science skills, as well as increasing their interest in the STEM industries and the opportunities within them.


Paul van Veggel, CEO of Greenpower Educational Trust, said: "We are delighted to have received this grant from the Kusuma Trust and have the opportunity to further our reach within London. There is a vast number of young people in the city who do not have the chance to practically engage with STEM, however through the implementation of the Greenpower challenge, these children will be able to learn more about engineering in a way which is both fun and educational. The Goblin race proposed to take place in Central London in 2022 will provide a platform to showcase the amazing work of these youngsters, and will hopefully encourage even more schools and clubs to get involved with Greenpower challenge."


Roisin Blake, Grants Manager of Kusuma Trust, added: "Kusuma Trust looks forward to seeing budding engineers, scientists and race car drivers from schools across London take up this opportunity, and hope that they learn from and are inspired by their Greenpower experience. We are sure the race event will be one of the highlights of Central London's calendar for summer 2022!"


To apply for one of the available grants, click here.