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Avon 6v/12v 4A Electronic Smart Battery Charger

Product code: GP1433
£38.50 ex VAT

Ideally suited to charging the Yuasa batteries supplied by Greenpower the Avon 6v/12v Electronic Smart Charger has a specific setting for these AGM batteries to give the best possible charge.

  • Suitable for charging 6v and 12v WET, AGM and GEL type batteries
  • 5 Step Charging Program
  • 4 Charging Modes: Pulse charging, Soft Start, Auto Select Current & Bulk Charging
  • 3 Interchangable, fused, insulated 1.5m output leads
  • Automatically diagnoses, recovers and charges batteries
  • Overload, reverse polarity and short circuit protection
  • Easy-read LCD battery indicator display
  • Robust case for water and dust protection
  • Pule Charging - Recovery
  • Bulk Charging - Up to 14.8v (dependent on Mode setting
  • Absorption Charging - constant voltage.
  • Float Charging - Maintains condition of battery


  • Manufactured to European electrical safety standards.
  • Suitable for low maintenance and maintenance free 6v / 12v batteries of 1.2Ah - 120Ah capacity only.
  • Input: 230V AC 50Hz Input current: 0.6A
  • Output: 6V  0.8 - 4.0A. 12v 0.8 - 4ADC